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SysTalk.RPA accelerates housing transformation by launching Sinyi Realty digital workforce

Since launching its robotic process automation solution, SysTalk.RPA, TPIsoftware has helped numerous enterprises automate workflows. Based on a digital development vision, real estate corporation Sinyi Realty turned to SysTalk.RPA for O2O and big data integration to improve customer experiences. Implementation of the easy-to-use RPA was completed in two months by a dedicated in-house team with great results for internal automation processes.

Improve efficiency and save time with SysTalk.RPA

Minimizing repetitive tasks not only improves overall enterprise efficiency, but also allows personnel to focus on value-adding tasks. Switching between marketing platforms and compiling data for a single report took Sinyi Realty employees about 90 minutes. Manual operations meant data could easily be complied incorrectly or lost. After adopting RPA, Sinyi employees can automatically compile data from various platforms and send reports in 5 minutes, cutting over 90% of the time.

API-free platform integration

Cross-platform data integration can be completed directly with RPA, allowing daily records and reports to be automatically sent to relevant recipients without involving APIs. It also gives IT staff an overview of RPA operation statuses so any problems which arise in the process can be quickly found and debugged.
Jeff Lin, Innovation & AI Product Division VP at TPIsoftware, stated that in conjunction with Sinyi’s internal information and management structure, the SysTalk.RPA team customized authentication connections, developed process publishing services, and set up a virtual RPA account. During implementation, it also provided technical consulting services to internal developers, ensuring Sinyi teams fully understand the RPA software. Concurrently, to promote effective work process automation and guide companies through digital transformation, TPIsoftware also provides 24/7 maintenance support services, including assistance in dealing with abnormalities in the RPA software and related processes.
“The introduction of RPA has greatly helped our logistics, administration, finance, training, and sales departments. RPA quickly processes many routine tasks so we no longer have to rely on manual labor,” said Lixin Chen, Digital Intelligence Center CEO at Sinyi Realty.
TPIsoftware CEO Ben Yao said SysTalk.RPA “has significantly reduced human errors and greatly improved output, allowing employees to focus on adding value. Adopting a digital workforce will increase the overall competitiveness of companies.” SysTalk. RPA is developed based on akabot solution provided by FPT, the largest technology and IT services group headquartered in Vietnam. By adding AI functional module and localization design, SysTalk.RPA is tailored for Tainwaese enterprises to carry out the ultimate efficiency of true robotic process automation.

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