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YouBike AI Customer Service Chatbot Served More Than 120,000 Customers Throughout 100 Days

To complete user’s experience for YouBike members, a YouBike AI customer service chatbot has been implemented on channels like the official website, App, LINE, Facebook Messenger and Google voice assistant, etc. TPIsoftware SysTalk.Chat helps customers construct the most personalized customer service answering mechanism and a large user group that provides an around the clock real person assisting customer service, which was used within 120,000 customers within only 100 days, giving users information anytime and in multiple ways.

YouBike’s fast and diverse 24-hour service

“YouBike AI chatbot encompasses frequently seen problems, including station information, rental status, Lost and Found services, notify and search services, etc., providing 24 hours of nonstop online information services. For example, with the biggest case like “return inquiry” before introducing AI chatbot, when people had some questions about a bike’s rental status, they’d log into the official channels and ask or call customer service, but now with “YouBike AI chatbot, one could quickly confirm the rental status, which satisfies the need for convenience from the customers!

Besides FAQ, how does SysTalk.Chat’s intelligent customer service bring about a more intelligent experience?

When it comes to intelligent customer service, the most important thing is to be able to recognize “customer sematic,” to provide users nonstop service, immediate answer, and intuitive conversation. SysTalk.Chat makes up “two brains one process” through NLU, FAQ and FLOW. “NLU brain” (service brain) is responsible of understanding user’s diverse questions and provides a personalized service content; “FAQ brain” (inquiry brain) is specialized to take care of commonly asked questions, and “FLOW process” is there to connect the two brains and proceeds with process design and connects API systems, to provide customer services a smooth and diverse conversation.

TPIsoftware and YouBike creates realistic AI intelligent customer service experience

YouBike’ PM Peter Chuang pointed out: “We have always hoped to make YouBike public bikes not just transportation tools but allowing it more to be integrated in people’s lives. This cooperation with TPIsoftware in AI intelligent customer service allows YouBike users to connect and speak with YouBike AI chatbot anytime and anywhere when problems encountered. It has received high user usage rates which solidified our determination and motives to provide users a more complete inquiry service!”
TPIsoftware’s CEO Ben Yao expressed: “TPIsoftware is honored to assist YouBike create convenient AI intelligent customer service and has seen many users welcome it. SysTalk.Chat not only brings the best experiences to users but hopes to help corporate customers optimize customer service procedures and create a realistic customer service value and highest satisfaction through the masterpiece of man and machine.

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